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PET Supplies Instrumentation Furniture
Gaard-Lock PET Syringe Shield Accusync SpectroAnalyzer Shielded Cabinet Overview
Atomlab 100 Dose Calibrator AccuSync SpectroWipe Radioisotope Storage Cabinet
Capintec CRC-15PET AccuSync AccuSurv 100 Preparation Enclosure and Base Cabinet
PET Unit Dose Cabinet AccuSync 71 Cardiac Gate Unit Dose Cabinet
PET Unit Dose Table Atomlab 100 Sink and Waste Cabinet
Interlocking Lead Bricks and Caves Atomlab 100 Plus Generator and Storage Cabinet
Standard L-Block Atomlab 200 Waste and Storage Cabinet
Deluxe L-Block Atomlab 400 Decay and Storage Cabinet
Compact L-Block w/ Dose Calibrator Shield Atomlab 500 Waste Cabinet
Injection / Resting Recliner Atomlab 500Plus Decay Cabinet
PET Sharps Shield Biodex Atomlab 930 Phantom Cabinet
  Biodex Atomlab 950 Refrigerator Cabinet
  Biodex Atomlab Wipe Test Counter PET Unit Dose Cabinet
  Capintec Captus 600 PET Unit Dose Table
  Capintec Captus 3000 Injection / Resting Recliner
  Capintec CRC-15R  
  Capintec CRC-15R Enhanced  
  Capintec CRC-15PET  
  Berthold LB 124  
  Biodex Surface Survey Meter  
  Biodex Inspector Survey Meter  
  Ludlum 3 w/ Energy Compensated GM Probe  
  Ludlum 3 w/ End Window GM Probe  
  Ludlum 14c w/ Pancake GM Probe  
  Ludlum 14c w/ End-Window GM Probe  
  Technical Associates TBM-3 Series  
  WB Johnson GSM-506 Survey Meter Pkgs  
  WB Johnson GSM-115EC Survey Meter Pkg  
  WB Johnson GSM-500EC Survey Meter Pkg  
  WB Johnson 2000W Telescoping Survey Mtr  
  Nuclear Fields Crystal Surgical Gamma Probe  
  Graseby Model 3400 Syringe Pump  
Shielding Supplies Sources
Tabletop Shield - for gamma and beta radiation Biodex Xenon Convenience Kits The Perflexion Flood Source
Tabletop Shields - for gamma radiation Biodex Venti-Scan and Micro-vent (Cadema) IPL Medical Imaging Source Catalog
Interlocking Lead Bricks and Caves Medi-Nuclear Insta/Vent  
Shielded Waste Container    
Shielded Decay Drum    
Sharps Shields and Containers    
Sharps Shields and Containers - for beta and gamma    
Gaard-Lock PET Syringe Shield    
Pro-Tec II Syringe Shield    
Pro-Tec III Syringe Shield    
Pro-Tec IV Syringe Shield    
Pro-Tec V Syringe Shield    
Biodex Beta Syringe Shield    
Syringe Carriers    
Syringe Holder    
L-Block Shields    
Deluxe L-Block Shield    
Compact L-Block w/ Dose Calibrator Shield    
PET Sharps Shield    
Hot Lab Packages Vendors Resources
General Nuclear Medicine Vendor List - printable Atomlab 950 CD v3.42
Nuclear Cardiology   Atomlab 950 software v3.36
PET Lab   Atomlab 950 Setup Procedure